Chillnight afterparty. This event was trendsetting for afterparties in the late 90's. Started as small event, Chillnight became famous in the location Ministry of Dance in Rotterdam. After switching locations to Pacha Rotterdam, people from all over the Netherlands and Belgium found their way to this event, which took place every single sundaymorning from 07.00 till 14.00. At the end of the month we did a special edittion. 
Normally there was a que starting around 6, but the Rotterdam local law was against opening for clubs between 6 and 7 in the morning. Respecting the law, we opened at 7 'o clock. Any trouble booking dj's was out of the question; all the dj's did want to have the Chillnight name behind their history. Chillnight ended in 2003. We tried to reboot the Chillnight vibe in 2007 in the Lexion Venue and conclused that we'd better left this concept in good memories. Together with The First of the Lexion, we hosted the biggest afterparty you can imagine in the Netherlands. Out of this a new concept was born: Aftervibes.

 Chillnight afterparty